Sunday, April 6, 2014


I am a HUGE foodie. I literally will try just about anything once. Me and a few of my favorite gal pals Lauren and Ivy have discovered a really good sushi/asian resturant near us. The resturant is Saii it is incredibily delicious and the prices are amazing! So far I've tried the Happy Roll, the Tempura Deluxe roll, and the Mongolian steak ALL so very delicious. My favorite thus far has been the Tempura Deluxe sushi roll it is so good, it has Shrimp, Asparagus, Cream Cheese, Crunch, & Eel Sauce in it. THE BEST EVER! I wish I could just show you the whole menu they have amazing food, great quality service, and a beautiful venu. I will definitely be making many more trips to Saii in the future! Here's a few pics from my last trip!
XO Jamie 
The Menu

Tempura Deluxe Roll

Happy (all veggie) Roll

Mongolian Steak

Interested in knowing more about Saii? Here's the link to their website:

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